What Are Beacons?

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Beacons... What in The World Are They? Keep Reading We'll Make it Simple!

If you have a smartphone, you're likely already in possession of a device that works with beacons. What are those? They're a fairly simple piece of technology that allows companies to communicate wirelessly with mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Using low-energy Bluetooth connections, beacons can either send to or collect information from these devices, which is one reason that retail organizations and marketers in particular are excited about the prospects of the technology.

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So What is All The Excitement About?

Many people have asked us what is Beacon Marketing and can you define it in real simple terms?

The idea of Proximity, the physical location of a product offer with respect to the consumer, involves a new dimension previously untapped given the limits of technology until recent years. Sometimes called hyper-local marketing, Proximity Marketing uses Bluetooth wireless beacon technology to send marketing messages to smartphone users who are in close vicinity to a beacon.

While the audience is limited to those in the proximity of the beacon broadcast, the notification is very user-friendly and reaches those that have positioned themselves most likely to buy. Check out our blog on this right here!

Beacon Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Made Simple in Less Than 4 Minutes... Watch This.


Among the strategies mobile marketers can use to target users is proximity marketing based on the use of Bluetooth Beacon devices. This is now becoming more and more popular. Beacons are proving crucial to help us with direct response marketing. They are tying the offline market place into the online market place in a really cool way.

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